We will coordinate models in beautiful kimonos for interviews regarding Japanese Traditional Culture.
In Japanese, to dress in a traditional kimono, we call “和装/wasou”. 和/wa means Japanese and 装/sou means to be clothed in. Therefore, it means to wear the country of Japan itself.

Recently, to add to its traditional beauty, modern designs have been incorporated to make them even more fashionable. Please let us help you show the beauty of “和装/wasou” to the world. This is why we would like to help in style and coordinating models to wear our traditional and current kimonos for anything from photoshoots to interviews.

For inquires please email the following address.
english@wasou.org (English only)

Theater company KIMONO by Institute of kimono JAPAN
A PR organization cooperating with the media and the Japanese government to show the beauty of the Japanese traditional costume to the world.